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Finding the best joint pain treatment clinic can be difficult, but luckily, there are many different options available. Often, the symptoms of joint pain are not a result of an underlying condition, but may arise as a result of an injury or infection. Other common causes of joint pain include depression, poor posture, and long periods of inactivity. A doctor can help ease these symptoms and treat underlying causes to minimize the severity of the condition. Depending on the cause of joint pain, treatment may include a combination of therapies that are effective in treating the condition. Visit Austin sports medicine

Physical therapy involves customized strengthening and stretching exercises. These exercises help to restore joint mobility and range of motion. If knee pain is a symptom, a physical therapist may recommend a knee brace to help maintain stability and function. There are also many methods to manage joint pain on your own at home. A combination of cold and hot treatments can help reduce stiffness in your joints and improve your range of motion. If pain is persistent, you may want to try alternating cold and hot treatments, or sleep with a heated blanket at night.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can ease your symptoms in many cases. These medications are most commonly used in people with tendinitis and arthritis, although they can be helpful in some cases. Injections may mask the symptoms of joint damage or injuries, and are often temporary solutions. For those who experience arthritis, these medications should be used only under the supervision of a physician. These medicines can cause other serious problems, so you should consult your doctor first.
At AABP Integrative Pain Care, a physician will first diagnose your condition. This involves physical examination, medical history review, and discussion of symptoms. Imaging tests may include X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, computerized tomography scans, and bone scans. Advanced pain management options include spinal cord stimulation, intrathecal pain pumps, and acupuncture. Your physician will work to reduce your pain while preventing further damage.

In addition to board-certified physicians, a well-run Pain Management Clinic will offer a wide range of treatment options. The doctors and staff members will assess your condition and develop a tailored care plan based on your needs and your goals. You will also be treated by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, so you’re guaranteed the highest level of care. A quality clinic is likely to offer a pain management program that includes counseling and physical therapy.
In addition to offering a wide range of pain management options, many of the best joint pain treatment clinics will include the use of cutting-edge technologies, such as platelet rich plasma injections. These injections are a hybrid of modern medicine and holistic approach. A top pain doctor in New York will draw a small sample of blood from the patient and then spin it in a centrifuge. The platelets are then injected into the joint to increase healing and promote the growth of healthy cells. This approach can provide long-term pain relief.