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The field of regenerative medicine is a complex and rapidly evolving science. While the FDA regulates medical products, it has no direct authority to regulate the practices of physicians. In fact, regulating the field of regenerative medicine is more complicated than the FDA’s role in regulating other fields of medicine. QC Kinetix (Aventura) is one of the authority sites on this topic. As such, the products that are used in regenerative medicine are often closely linked to the care they provide. To avoid confusion, here are some guidelines for regenerative medicine providers and practitioners.


Regenerative medicine is a new field of multidisciplinary research that aims to repair or replace damaged body organs. It uses cellular therapy, medical devices, and artificial organs to promote cellular regeneration and restore function. Although still in its infancy, the field is an exciting and rapidly evolving field. It brings together experts in biology, chemistry, genetics, and computer science. It aims to treat a range of medical conditions that would otherwise be incurable.

To perform this procedure, bone marrow or fat is harvested from the patient’s body. The procedure will be performed under local anesthesia or an injection to numb the skin. Patients should expect discomfort during the procedure. The regenerative medicine procedure takes time, and the recovery time will depend on the amount of tissue used and the number of procedures. It may not be covered by insurance, but it can be covered in combination with other treatments.

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