Finding a Mobile Veterinary Clinic

To be successful, a mobile veterinary clinic must meet certain criteria. This includes a certain geographical area, which can affect its travel costs and mileage. The mobile veterinarians must allow time between appointments to travel between cities. Most mobile vets have a ride-along veterinarian who assists with procedures, animal restraint, and other administrative work. In some cases, a ride-along can also perform driving duties. The owner of a mobile clinic should also consider whether a mobile service is right for his or her situation. Find additional information at BetterVet South Florida, Mobile Vet Care

A mobile veterinarian clinic is a great option for busy people who are not able to bring their pets to the vet’s office. The veterinarian can visit a client’s home or an office, and the pet owner can continue to be productive at home. Some mobile clinics accept pre-payment for surgery and can accommodate pets with multiple medical conditions. The mobile clinics also offer flexible appointment times, making it easier for pet owners to schedule an appointment that works with their lifestyle.

Besides offering convenient care, the mobile clinics offer affordable, quality medical care. Dr. Lisa Aumiller, a veterinarian in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, recently expanded her practice by purchasing a mobile veterinarian’s ambulance. Now she has a fleet of mobile vehicles and 54 employees. She also operates two traditional veterinary hospitals and is considering adding a third. Aumiller says mobile service is ideal for most types of procedures, with a few exceptions, including complicated surgeries.

Before opening a mobile veterinary clinic, veterinarians must first establish a business entity and obtain a business license. They may start as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a “C” or an “S” corporation. Other types of organizations may be permissible, but veterinarians should consult a lawyer before beginning business. It is important to consider local licensing requirements and regulations and the pharmaceuticals allowed. A mobile veterinarian may also be permitted to establish a social media account, which helps build awareness and credibility.

While setting up a mobile veterinarian practice can be lucrative, it is not for everyone. Not all clients are comfortable visiting a veterinarian’s office in a strange location. In fact, it is often more beneficial to take the time to see a client’s pet in their own home. Not only does this reduce stress for both the pet owner and the veterinarian, but also increases the likelihood that the client will spend money to maintain their pet’s health.

Using a mobile veterinarian service eliminates the need to travel for appointments and stressful car rides for pets. Mobile veterinarians also reduce stress for pet owners who live far from a veterinary clinic. The mobile vets can visit clients’ homes and provide more comprehensive care for their animals. The company’s founder, Dr. Lisa Aumiller, launched her mobile veterinary service in 2010.

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